Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 involves using a variety of weapons to defeat enemies and upgrading your weapons as the game progresses. Your mission is to help the character fight against any weird creatures he comes across and reach higher game levels.

How To Play

Your enemies could be in any shape, such as toiletmen, giants, redmen, and other bizarre creatures. In each level, you’ll have to face different enemies. After every ten levels, there is a new boss to fight against. As the game starts, you will be rushed and attacked by the enemies, so you need to watch around and shoot any creature you meet.

  • Use your mouse to look around and aim, WASD to control the character’s movements, and press W and Shift to run.
  • Other keys: G, T, and E are used to throw a grenade, inspect the weapon, and remove weapons.

There is a small map on the upper right corner of the screen that helps you carefully observe how many enemies are coming and where they are from. If you are beaten and run out of blood, you’ll die and lose the game. You can buy new weapons and customizations through the store in the menu.

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