The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 begins when you leave the post-apocalyptic Earth for space where a new civilization can be built. Your mission is to manage people building structures, accommodations, and recreational destinations in space.


How To Play

Final Earth 2 has seven game modes, which you start with "A New Beginning". There will also be different cities loaded as the game progresses. When the game starts, you have to build a woodcutting center, which provides building materials to construct multiple structures. There are instructions to follow in the game that help you build your own civilization.

The game provides a small group of people to assist you in mining stone, chopping wood, and building houses. Click the smile icon at the bottom of your screen to see how your citizens are performing and where you should improve. The number of resources you have collected will be displayed on the screen. If your civilization is upgraded, you can travel to various worlds on the planet.