Atari Asteroids

In the iconic retro game Atari Asteroids, you command a spaceship against a backdrop of incoming UFOs and asteroids. 

Utilize your cannon to shoot down those massive rocks before they strike you in order to achieve the greatest score possible in the Atari Asteroids game. You must rotate and use thrust to move your spacecraft! Shoot and wipe out all spaceships and asteroids, but be careful! Each target has a different value, but in order to move on, you must shoot them all. So, once your five lives are used up, just start shooting and aiming like an expert. 


  • Experience typical with arcade games
  • Outstanding graphic design.
  • Enjoyable and engaging gameplay
  • Game of target shooting

How To Play

  • To rotate your ship, use the arrow keys or A and D. 
  • To move the ship forward, press W or UP. 
  • To shoot, press SPACE. 
  • Your new ship has a useful escape feature: by hitting S or DOWN, you can teleport to a random location.

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