Tomb of the Mask

In the 2D arcade game Tomb of the Mask, you take on the role of a young adventurer navigating a maze filled with perilous traps. Your only tools for victory are skill and fast thought.

This is an arcade coloring game with 2D pixel animation. You have to move the yellow brush in this game to color while avoiding obstacles and bats. up each stage, you are required to fill up every blank. You can put your skills to the test on 25 levels of labyrinths, neon graphics, and mazes. Now let's see how soon you can complete the whole game!

Game modes

There are two major game modes in Tomb of the Mask

  • Arcade mode: You must keep moving through a dungeon in the arcade mode until you ultimately fall victim to a trap or drown in the water that is rising from the bottom of the screen. 
  • Level mode: You'll play through shorter, more concise scenarios that you can complete in a matter of seconds.

How To Play

Use the arrows to move in the game. You have to navigate the maze quickly through each level while uncovering a tomb that is filled with priceless treasure. Avoid falling victim to any of the traps you may encounter along the route. 

FAQs about Tomb of the Mask

Who is the creator of Tomb of the Mask? 

Action-adventure game Tomb of the Mask online was created by Happymagenta UAB and released by Playgendary. 

When was Tomb of the Mask released? 

December 17, 2021. A demo from 2015 is the earliest known video of Tomb of the Mask. Up until 2018, when the Story Mode was released and made more well-known through advertising, the game only had an Arcade mode. 

How many levels are in the Tomb of the Mask? 

There are different levels in the video game Tomb of The Mask. You can choose the level you wish to play because the levels are organized on a map. The number of levels in the video game Tomb of the Mask is unknown because more are always being added.