Brick Block Game

Once you begin playing Brick Block Game, you won't stop. Just give it a shot; you'll love it! 

Play this brain-training game with brick-style blocks to unwind. Brick Block Game, a beloved game for fans of Classic games, is now available for you inside a gaming device. You must remove the blocks from the screen in this game that transports you back in time by arranging them horizontally. Try to advance yourself in this game, which is moving ever-quicker, by achieving high scores. With its vintage screen and sounds, you will be transported back in time.


  • Update the leaderboard
  • Amusing audio effects
  • Graphic brick design that is timeless and beautiful.
  • This 2020 brick-and-block puzzle can be played nonstop for hours.
  • All ages and genders are welcome, and it is free.

How To Play

Simply Drag the blocks to the grids to fill them all. Try to cram as many as you can into the row or column. You will then understand the point and the block will be clear. In the event that none of the shapes located below the grid are able to fit, the game is over. Be mindful that blocks cannot be rotated.