Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an idle game where you break bricks by unlocking and upgrading different kinds of balls just like in Breakout Game. These balls will break the bricks for you. 

Click on the bricks to start the game, and then when you have enough money, move on. To break a million bricks, use a variety of balls with varied strengths, speeds, and unique abilities. There are numerous upgrades and balls available, such as ones that give your clicks more power or poison balls that cause more bricks to sustain harm. Can you escape?

How To Play

To destroy a brick and earn points, simply click on it. Use points to get better balls or to buy new ones with different skills. Bricks make balls bounce off of them and smash through them, which gives you extra points.


  • A lame rendition of the venerable classic Atari Breakout game
  • Several balls, each with a different parameter
  • Bricks with numbers on them that indicate the force required to destroy them
  • Engaging gameplay

Idle Breakout FAQs

Who was the original creator of Idle Breakout?

The developer of Idle Breakout is Kodiqi. 

Is it possible to play Idle Breakout on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers?

Idle Breakout is a game that may be played on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, in addition to your personal computer.

How to hack Idle Breakout? 

Are you looking for Idle Breakout cheat codes? There are numerous codes available online that promise to hack the money you have in Idle Breakout. But because this is a pretty basic game, I believe you can enjoy it thoroughly without needing to hack codes.

Any other idle games similar to Idle Breakout?

What other games like Idle Breakout can you find?

We have a lot of Idle Games on our site, including Idle Breakout. Another game to try is Idle Pinball Breakout!