Bitlife is a fun text-based life simulation game that offers a wide range of alternatives and completely free life decisions.

How is someone going to live their life? If you have never thought about your life, now is the time to start. You're going to spend some Bitlife on this game as a result. As a newborn, you will have no memory of your parents' names or the location of your upbringing. Play this fun game online to learn about each stage of life. Discover the world while concentrating on your life one day at a time.

Bitlife gameplay

The game is easy to figure out and plays pretty much the same as other computer games. In this game, you won't choose what each character says; instead, you'll choose what they do. For instance, you might decide when a character is 18 to choose a college major or perhaps even enlist in the military.

In Bitlife online, a character's health, happiness, looks, and brains are the four most important stats. I think health is the most important thing because you can only do more when you are healthy. Makeup, clothes, cosmetics, as well as plastic surgery, can all be used to change the way you look. 

Attending school will help you raise your IQ. Sometimes, making the wrong decision can frighten the police as well, but sadly, while trying to apprehend the offenders, you are attacked and your life is taken.


How To Play

Choosing actions that are age-appropriate for the character is all that's required. Using a computer or a mobile device to play this game.