Breakout Game

Breakout Game is an addictive arcade game that challenges players to break all the blocks on the screen with a ball and a controllable paddle. 

Smash All the Blocks with This Simple Yet Addictive Game!

If you feel that games these days take too much time to learn, why not try a retro game with simple controls, such as Breakout Game? Based on the legendary retro hit Atari Breakout, this game will certainly keep you hooked for hours with its simple yet addictive gameplay! Feel the satisfaction of breaking the blocks on the screen each time you manage to make the ball hit them in Breakout Video Game! And the best thing yet is that all you need to do is control the paddle with your mouse to keep the ball bouncing indefinitely!

Atari Breakout - the First “True” Video Game

As mentioned before, Breakout Game is based on Atari Breakout, one of the most popular Arcade Games ever made. Some even consider Atari Breakout to be the first “true” video game, since it is the first game to not imitate real-life action. Even its predecessor and inspiration, Pong, was made to simulate the ping-pong game. Thanks to its intuitive controls and addictive gameplay, Atari Breakout was well-received by people around the world.

While arcade cabinets are not very accessible these days, you can have the same gaming experience by playing Breakout Game online. The game keeps everything clean and simple—just like the original Atari Breakout game. Play Breakout Game and see if it really lives up to its expectations!

Gameplay Basics of the Breakout Game

Breakout Game may feature one of the most simple gameplays you have ever known. Players’ only role is to bounce the ball around with a paddle to destroy all the blocks on the screen. As easy as it may sound, trying to catch the ball can be tricky at times. Letting the ball go past your paddle results in losing a life, and you will have to start the game over once you run out of lives.

How To Play

Click on the “START” button to begin your game. Players can control the paddle by moving the mouse to the left and right. To launch the ball, click the left mouse button. In the beginning, players start with three lives and lose one wherever they fail to catch the ball with the paddle. To clear each level, players have to make the ball hit every block on the screen. As players progress, the level becomes more difficult with more complicated block arrangements. On the other hand, players lose the game when they run out of lives and will have to start over from Level 1. Look for special blue blocks, which drop hearts whenever they are hit; don’t forget to catch the hearts for extra lives!

Rules Of Breakout Game

  • The main goal of each level is to break all the blocks present on the screen.
  • When the paddle fails to catch the ball, players lose a life.
  • The game ends when players run out of lives.
  • Some blocks require more than one hit from the ball to break.
  • There are special blocks that drop helpful items, such as extra lives.


  • Simple, fast-paced, and addictive gameplay!
  • Suitable for people of all ages—It takes less than three seconds to know the controls of the game!
  • Train your reflexes with this exciting game!
  • Each level has a distinctive block arrangement—can you clear them all?

Tips and Tricks

Breakout Game may have simple controls and even more simple gameplay; regardless, it is definitely not easy if you want to become a pro at this addictive game. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you become the ultimate block-smasher in Breakout Game!

  • Keep your eyes glued to the ball: Since the whole gameplay revolves around bouncing the ball to the blocks and catching it with your paddle, it makes sense that the ball is your first priority. More often than not, the ball may go past your paddle if your concentration drifts away for a second or two. Since failing to catch the ball with the paddle will cost you a precious life, it is best that you keep your eyes peeled for the ball.
  • Predict the movement of the ball: A large part of Breakout Game is watching the ball bounce around after colliding with blocks, the sides of your screen, and your paddle. With the ball moving so rapidly, don’t try to follow it and move the paddle; instead, try to predict where the ball will move so you can just line the paddle for the next landing. When you have the moving angles of the ball figured out, playing Breakout Game will be a piece of cake!
  • Control the angle of the ball’s movement: Did you know that the ball bounces differently depending on where it hits your paddle? Believe it or not, the paddle actually plays a crucial role in determining the moving angles of the ball. Here are a few examples of the ball’s movement in this game:
    • When the ball lands on the right edge of the paddle, it will move to the left, and vice versa.
    • The ball’s moving angle is also more sharp when you hit it with the very left (or right) edge of the paddle.
    • When the ball hits the center part of the paddle, it continues its existing angle, but you will notice that the trajectory of the ball will gradually shift to being straightforward.
    • Interestingly, the speed of the ball is constant, so the ball looks a lot slower the more zig-zagged it moves.

Controlling the ball’s moving angles is especially important at the end of levels when you need to direct it to hit certain blocks.

  • Make a path and lead the ball around the blocks: In levels with a lot of blocks to destroy, one of the popular strategies is to focus on one side and make a “path” that leads to the hollow top of the screen. Once you are able to get your ball bouncing off the blocks and the upper screen, it takes little time to clear the level. Try this out if you feel that you are spending too much time hitting blocks one by one!
  • Don’t rush things, and the level will be completed eventually: Each level takes a few minutes to complete, and this time only increases with the more complicated block arrangement of the following levels. Rather than making risky moves and failing to catch the ball with your paddle, you can also take it slow since the ball will hit what it needs to hit eventually.

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