Doodle Baseball

In 2019, Doodle Baseball debuted in celebration of the Fourth of July, the US Independence Day. Hot dogs, fries, and ketchup are typical American appetizers that are the players.

In this exciting baseball simulator game, players take on the role of the batter and strive to hit as many home runs as they possibly can. Watch as the pitcher throws the ball, bats it, then runs around the field to score. To hit a home run, you must hit the ball accurately. It counts as a strike if you miss the ball. 

The Google Doodle Baseball game invites you to step up to the plate virtually and take a swing at innovation while remembering your youth. This interactive artwork invites players of all ages to take a trip back to the pixelated heyday of gaming in honor of the eternal appeal of America's favorite pastime. 

How To Play

The player can hit the ball out of the park by clicking the mouse once to swing the bat. You are given targets to hit in the game, and you must also avoid other hazards.