Idle: Gravity Breakout

Your objective in Idle: Gravity Breakout is to eliminate the powerful monster planets that act as the center of gravity. 

You can attack these planets simply by touching them, or you can buy balls that will fight for you. In an idle game, the game continues even if you are not actively participating, so you may return to it at any time to check how your balls are doing and duke it out. You can keep returning for more in your quest to become the supreme planet destroyer. 

How To Play

Destroy the brown balls that serve as the gravity's core. Destroy them by clicking on them, or purchase additional balls to battle for you. Merge your balls to strengthen them, and purchase upgrades to give them new abilities.  

  • To deal damage, click on the brown enemy. 
  • Earn money to buy new balls to fight with you. 
  • Earn gems to assist you by upgrading your balls.