Fruit Ninja

In the action game Fruit Ninja, you 'cut' thrown fruits including pineapples, pears, apples, mangoes, and strawberries using your finger. Are you prepared to show off your swordsmanship?

By cutting three or more fruits consecutively with a swipe, you can get a combo bonus. Occasionally, you can also earn a "critical" bonus by randomly selecting a fruit to cut, which grants you 10 points instead of one. Cut and dice the fruit in this absurd online game while avoiding explosions. In Fruit Ninja game online, an attempt to achieve the highest possible score.  

Game modes

  • Classic -  The cherished and well-known gameplay in Fruit Ninja for PC is classic! You have three lives; make good use of them!  
  • Arcade - The arcade is absolute mayhem. Slice your way through the pandemonium to score insane combos!  
  • Zen - A more "calm" experience that will help you develop your skills. Practice is required to achieve perfectionism.  
  • NEW ‘Survival’:  Test your reflexes as waves of fruit are tossed in your direction! Never hesitate.

Fruit Ninja Gameplay 

  • Observe these steps to become a fruit ninja to impress:
  • Fruit flies around before landing on your screen.
  • Simply move your mouse or finger over the fruit to cut it.
  • To make unusual combinations, slice a lot of fruit at once.
  • Be cautious! The fruit occasionally contains bombs. If you hit those, the game is finished!
  • Collect as many points as you can before the timer expires.
  • Set a new benchmark for yourself each time.


Use the left mouse button to slice the fruits in this game.