Breakout Bricks

The classic arcade game Breakout has been resurrected in the form of the cutting-edge video game Breakout Bricks.

Breaking bricks in this classic game is sure to keep you entertained for a good portion of the day. As you move up from the bottom, the hues that are in ascending order are yellow, green, orange, and red. Your goal is to make as many brick breakouts as you can with a single ball by ricocheting it off of the walls and/or the paddle below. Complete each level by gathering power balls.

Breakout Bricks Features

  • Coloured 2D graphics
  • Increasing degree of difficulty
  • Interesting and enjoyable Atari game

How To Play

Move your paddle and try to break out by hitting all the bricks.

This version is unique because of the collectible power-ups, multi-balls, and fireballs. Complete the levels to show off your abilities and master their growing difficulty. It's time for you to knock down some barriers! 

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