Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is an addictive arcade game that requires players to precisely catch the balls on a platform and eliminate a required number of blocks to win. 

Are you looking for Google Atari Breakout Game free? Let's check this game right now! Atari Breakout requires players to precisely catch the balls on a platform and eliminate a required number of blocks to win the game. Also, you have to collect different items to help eliminate the squares more easily and quickly. 

What is Atari Breakout?

Atari Breakout is a classic video game from 1976. It was inspired by the success of Pong, a game from 1972 that changed the way arcade games were made. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs built Atari Breakout. Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow came up with the idea for the game.

Since the first game, Breakout has been made in many different ways. A year after its release in arcades, the game Breakout was adapted for the Atari 2600 in 1978, receiving upgrades to both its graphics and gameplay. Breakout was even built into the first iPod as a hidden feature that you could find by holding down the center button for a few seconds.

Today, you can play Atari Breakout with new graphics, sounds, and power-ups in your web browser. This keeps the game interesting for new players and makes those who played the original game think of good times.

Atari Breakout Gameplay

The goal of the game is simple: use the ball to break all the blocks. The hard part is getting in the right place so you don't miss it.

Power-ups move toward you in this updated version of Atari Breakout. These power-ups, which alter the game by expanding the hitting area or adding more balls, are available for purchase. You can see how many lives you currently have in the bottom left corner of your screen. When you run out of lives, the game must be restarted.

How To Play

There are three levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard, and Impossible, which players can choose to match their abilities. Control a platform to catch the ball as it falls and bounces immediately.

  • As the game starts, click on the screen to bounce the ball to eliminate the colorful blocks in the air.
  • When the ball falls, use the computer mouse to slide sideways to catch the ball and collect items.
  • While you’re playing, there are some items that fall out; try to collect them, as it helps you eliminate more blocks quickly.

If the ball falls off the platform, you will have three chances to continue the round without losing the game.  

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