Awesome Breakout

Awesome Breakout is a classic arcade-type game like Breakout Game in which you must demolish all of the bricks floating in the center of the screen. 

This game has the bricks arranged in a row at the top of the screen. But only until you gain control of the moving platform and the ball. The object of the game is to use your ball and the bouncing board to eliminate all of the floating bricks. A bouncy board is provided to you as the tool for this activity! 

This game involves strong strategy so you may create a plan to eliminate all the bricks rapidly! Keep in mind that speed will improve your grade! Additionally, having a solid grasp of angles will enable you to target using the bounce of your board. You'll succeed without a doubt if you combine this with lightning-quick mouse reactions to a ball in the air!

How To Play

  • To move the board, click and drag your mouse to the left or the right. Use your mouse's left click to release the ball. 
  • On a mobile device, slide your finger over the bottom of the screen while holding it on the board to move it! 

Awesome Breakout Strategy

We suggest that you don't try to save too much money. Start by buying a few of the basic balls, and then move on to the plasma balls, which are the second-cheapest option. Spending money quickly is usually a good idea, so get the next update if you can afford to. 

You must constantly intercept the disc; do not let it contact the ground. To get the greatest score, finish the task as quickly as you can.