12 Minibattles

The most thrilling retro-style games are included in 12 Minibattles

In 12 MiniBattles - two players will have a great experience playing 12 mini-games. You won't have to choose the mini-games yourself; they will be chosen for you. One victory, two buttons, and only two players. Aim to outpace your opponent, fire off several rapid shots, and score an incredible goal.

There are many different games available here: numerous other things, including sports, brawls, aircraft, war tanks, and racing. Different strategies are used in different games. In soccer physics, you must score a goal while your opponent is moving in opposition to you. In a shooting game, you must snipe and shoot your adversary to win,... 

How To Play

  • Player 1: Use A
  • Player 2: Use L


  • Fun arcade game for two players
  • There are several randomized games to play, including well-known titles created By fans, including Rooftop Snipers and Soccer Physics.
  • Simple one-button controls
  • Enticing and difficult gameplay

There are many millions of gamers worldwide for the game 12 MiniBattles. This is for you if you enjoy 2 Player games!