The browser version of Arkanoid is now accessible and features updated graphics but the same gameplay. Break the blocks, get power-ups, and always keep an eye on the ball! 

How To Play

To win this game, you must control a base from which you fire a ball at the stage's bricks, clearing the area completely. Watch out, the ball will bounce back to the stage's bottom. Keep the ball from passing or you'll lose one of your three lives. With your computer mouse, you can maneuver the base. When you remove specific bricks from the base, you will also be able to enhance it.

Tips & Tricks

You should be aware of this when you receive the shooting improvement, which is highly helpful for rapidly and effectively removing bricks. Other upgrades should not be acquired because they will nullify the shooting upgrade. The ships that are roving the stage are nothing more than a distraction; ignore them and avoid attacking them.

Finally, you can employ the upgrades for extending the base and luring the ball simultaneously. Aim for that combination and try to maintain it for as long as you can.

Who created the original Arkanoid?

Based on an earlier Atari game called Breakout Game that was released in 1976, Taito created the original Arkanoid in 1986 as an arcade game. Due to its popularity, numerous versions of the game have been produced since its introduction for some of the most widely used gaming systems, including the NES, SNES, and PlayStation.