Basketball Stars

Try out the amazing two-player basketball game Basketball Stars, which was developed by Madpuffers and is available for play right now. 

You have the potential, with the help of Basketball Stars, to become the greatest dribbler in the history of the globe. This game offers the excitement of one-on-one basketball competitions. In this exciting sports game, you'll face off against opponents and demonstrate your dribbling, shooting, and defensive prowess. 

How To Play

Single-Player Mode

  • Use WASD or arrow keys: To move
  • Use  X/L: To shoot/steal
  • Use S: To pump/block
  • Use A+A or D+D or left/right arrow twice: To dash
  • Use K/Z: To super shot

2-Player Mode

  • Player 1: Move with the WASD keys, pump with S, and shoot or steal with B.
  • Player 2: Move with the arrow keys, pump with the down arrow, and use L to shoot or steal.


  • Play basketball games with two players by yourself or with friends.
  • Choose between a league and a quick match.
  • You can choose to fight or defend. truly a Basketball fan! 

Let’s find out how to dunk in Basketball Stars right now! Take a look at Basketball Challenge if you're truly a Basketball fan!