Boxing Random

Boxing Random is a one-button sports game in which the goal is to knock out your opponent by jumping and punching at exactly the right moment. Take a look at our Random games for more titles like Volley Random, Basket Random, etc.

Are you a fan of boxing who is looking for a way to pass the time and have a good time with Boxing Random? Experience great difficulties in each fight as you go up against a wide variety of opponents armed with the wildest and most powerful fists. Play entertaining Boxing Random game with fun mechanics and quirky game extras like extended arms, occasionally icy field, or rocket fists.

On the same computer or phone, you and your friend can have fun fighting against each other. In this pixel-based boxing game, your goal is to become the best boxer you can be and win all of the stages. 

How To Play

  • Player 1: Press "W"
  • Player 2: Press the "UP ARROW KEY"
  • On mobile devices or tablets, you can play the game with touch controllers.

In this 2 player game, you never know where you'll end up as you take on a friend or the computer! How many rounds are you going to win?