BreakOid Game

BreakOid Game is a fresh spin on the classic block-breaker Arkanoid game genre, complete with stunning graphics, sights, and sound. To demolish all the blocks on the level, you must catch the ball and modify its direction.

BreakOid provides a gameplay experience with excellent graphics, immersive sights, and captivating sound effects. This game will keep you captivated whether you're a fan of the old Brick Breaker game or new to the block-breaking universe. 

Game modes

  • The standard mode requires you to navigate increasingly difficult stages, each designed to test your skills and reflexes. 
  • Switch to infinite mode for an eternal adventure, where you can unleash extraordinary skills to conquer the leaderboards. 

How To Play

Move the paddle from side to side with your mouse to ensure you hit the ball and shatter the blocks.