Breakout Champion

Let’s play #1 hit game Breakout Champion - The most incredible version of the famous brick-breaking puzzle game is available right now! 

The classic breakout game is called Breakout Champion. You are being approached by rows of bricks in this direction. Your objective is to eliminate all of them by continuously crashing the ball off the paddle into them before the line of bricks reaches the boundary of your playing area. To complete the level, you must remove all of the bricks. 

How To Play

In the video game Breakout Champion, it is up to you to steer the platform such that it deflects the red blob and, as a result, destroys the multicolored blocks that are situated at the top of the screen. If you break the next block, you will receive fifty points; but, if you manage to break two or more at once, you will receive an additional ten points for each block that follows it. A few of the blocks conceal goodies. 

If you don't extend the platform such that it spans the complete width of the playing field, you won't just have one drop, but two. That's one of the changes. In addition to this, there will be further benefits. There is no room for error here; the game of Breakout Champion will end immediately if you fail to make the drop past the platform.