Breakout Pixel

Breakout Pixel is going to take you back to your childhood. The one you couldn't stop playing and couldn't bear leaving the console. 

Are you a fan of old-school arcade Puzzle games? If so, nothing will excite and please you more than taking part in this fresh new arcade challenge. Destroy the bricks before you are destroyed by the game. The higher and more blocks you shatter, the more points you will receive. There are too many levels to pick from in this game; we recommend you match with others to play more comfortably. 

Tips for Breakout Pixel

  • Shoot the ball up the left or right side of the puzzle and let it get stuck along the top, causing a lot of damage without having to bounce the ball around.
  • Avoid receiving the blue ball power up when you have the flame powered up since the flame is stronger.
  • The shooting power-up is fantastic for doing extra damage in between hitting the ball. Aim for the areas of the level with the most points remaining.

How To Play

Move the paddle left and right on the screen with your mouse.