Bricks Breaker

Play the finest brick game Bricks Breaker right now to relax your brain!

Here's one of the classic games you may have played on your first PC. Bricks Breaker game online is a classic brick game that is popular around the world. This game being one of the world's finest brick games, will provide you with hours of entertainment. There are tens of thousands of well-designed levels in the game. You'll strive to destroy every block in every stage like this. Be careful, since every time the ball falls through and you don't exactly get it, you lose a life. You have 20 challenging levels to choose from. Display your reflexes! 

How To Play

Remove groupings of the same color bricks until they are all gone.

There is a grid of various colored bricks. When you click on a grid, it destroys all the bricks that are connected to it by the same color. The bricks on top of the broken bricks will crumble, and the brick columns will merge. To remove a single brick, you must use a magical wand. When you run out of magic wands and can no longer destroy bricks in groups, the game is over.

Bricks Breaker Tips

In the Bricks Breaker ball game, it is not always necessary to aim straight up at the squares. It is sometimes advantageous to shoot horizontally and against a wall. You won't strike squares at first, but your balls will progressively rise, covering a large chunk of the screen's lower half. This allows you to strike many more squares than you could if you shot straight at the squares. Of course, this is a high-risk, high-reward shot since your balls can return all the way to the bottom if they hit one of the squares in a specific way. They will demolish a large number of squares if they hit appropriately.