Incredible Box

Incredible Box is a fun and difficult puzzle game that was inspired by Bloxorz in which you must attempt to roll the box into the goal region. 

This is a fantastic puzzle game that is difficult. The graphics of Incredible Box are stunning, and the game's stages are diverse. Everyone will like this game because it has the optimal balance of audio, visuals, animation, and interactivity. The box only has to be rolled to the goal.

How To Play

Drag the left mouse button to roll.


  • Easy controls
  • Stunning 3D images featuring a water setting
  • An immediate answer to the puzzle's solution
  • Three sections with different playable levels
  • Fullscreen mode for the game is available.

Although it seems easy, this game is actually very difficult and will test your reasoning and intellect. The game, which is currently used in schools all around the world, is entertaining and excellent for you. Have fun!