Minesweeper is a free puzzle game that improves mental agility and brain function. It is a logic puzzle that is both entertaining and difficult. 

All ages can enjoy the straightforward, classic gameplay in Minesweeper, which is completely free. Set personal bests on all of the challenging Minesweeper difficulty levels by playing today on any of your devices and engaging your brain in daily brain exercises.

Minesweeper Rules

Minesweeper's goal is to locate and mark every mine buried beneath the grey squares in the quickest amount of time. To do this, click on the squares to make them visible. 

One of the following will be present in every square:

  • A mine; if you click on it, the game is over.
  • Have you ever wondered what do the numbers mean in Minesweeper? A number that indicates how many of the squares to its right and left are mined.
  • Nothing. In this instance, you are aware that none of the nearby squares contain mines, thus they will all be opened as well.
  • You are free to start by clicking on whatever square you like because it is guaranteed that the first square you open won't have a mine in it.

How To Play

Use your mouse to play this game.