Roller Baller

In Roller Baller, your mission is to help all the balls travel through different platforms to reach the finish area without hitting obstacles or falling out of the galaxy. The goal is to reach higher levels to master the game.    

How To Play

As the game starts, you play with a ball that can have random colors or patterns.

  • Use the up, left, down, and right arrow keys or WASD to control the ball's movement forward, to the left, back, and to the right.
  • Enter the Spacebar to jump or jump high.
  • Press the up arrow and the Spacebar at the same time to speed up while jumping through platforms.

Once you fall off the platforms, you will have unlimited chances to replay that level. As the game levels up, you play on more difficult and challenging terrain with bigger gaps between platforms. Try not to let the ball fall off the platform, or you will lose.

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