Slope Run

Slope Run is the amazing adventure of a multicolor-switched ball whose goal is to traverse different planets by passing through the space tunnel. To win the game, the ball must not fall out of the space and finish the race successfully. 

How To Play

Slope Run game is composed of two game modes: Infinite and Level, with different exciting experiences.

  • In Infinite mode, you enter endless races that require you to pass through a space tunnel with uncountable platforms.
  • With Level mode, crossing the finish line and reaching the next level by jumping through platforms are your tasks.

The arrow keys are used to control your ball. Press the up arrow key to jump and the right and left arrow keys to switch platforms sideways. On the way, you’ll come across various obstacles, like huge space holes in special shapes and sizes or fragile platforms. The brown, fragile platforms will fall down as you jump on them. If you fall into space while jumping into space holes, you’ll die, and the level starts over.

Slope Game Features

  • Graphics that are not only beautiful but also intriguing to look at.
  • Rapidly changing course or direction.
  • Insane and unfathomable roadblocks are waiting for you.
  • All ages are encouraged to give it a try!

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