Spacebar Clicker

In Spacebar Clicker, players are expected to use their ultimate ability to press the spacebar as many times as possible. The game is designed to measure how fast you press the spacebar in a given amount of time.


How To Play

Press the Spacebar key or click the on-screen space bar icon to start the game. To increase your score, try to reach the required number of scores to receive buffs after each play. There are countless unrevealed buffs that can only be opened when you try your best. The functions of the buffs or instructions to get them will be displayed on the screen if you nearly reach them. There is no time limit in the game, so the only time counter is your will, as you must plan a short amount of time and reach as many clicks as possible. A small tip to win the game is to use different fingers to press the spacebar instead of just your dominant finger.

Which Spacebar Clicker level will you eventually be able to finish? A monkey with no keyboard skills, only the ability to break things. a gifted member of Generation X or a mother without access to a word processor. Try it out as soon as possible! 

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