Let's look at Tapman if you like playing the original Pacman. All the iconic Pacman components are combined in this game to create a universally playable experience. 

In the straightforward pixel game Tapman, you should keep moving as long as you can! The game's intriguing plot centers on Tapman's explorations of a mystical realm that is full of mysteries and perils. It will be your job to stop the evil tyrant from destroying the world. 

You must navigate around the board in each level, eating the white dots while avoiding the monsters. In classic Pacman action, consume all of the yellow dots while avoiding the ghosts. Discover new places, interact with interesting people, and solve puzzles to further your cause. 


How To Play

Tapman game Controls

You may move the game around by swiping or using the arrow keys.

As soon as you walk into the maze's center, a variety of colored ghosts begin to pursue you. As you travel around the routes, demonstrate your dexterity, attention to detail, and quick reflexes. Let's showcase your abilities and capabilities!