Temple of Boom

In Temple of Boom, your character has to survive deadly traps and defeat monsters to escape from the Temple of Boom. Your mission is to help him precisely shoot the monsters and keep the energy bar from running out before the enemies do. 


How To Play

The game provides a one or two-player mode, in which you can choose to play as one or two characters. If you play in one-player mode, follow these instructions. Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to control your character's jump or double jump, pick up weapons, and move sideways, respectively. Other keys, such as Z and X, are used to shoot and switch weapons. Follow the guide menu in the game if you play in two-player mode.

There are two game modes: Campaign and Endless.

  • In Campaign mode, you will encounter evil creatures in three temples.
  • In Endless mode, you have to defeat everything and survive.

When you first play, there is only one character available for you. As the game progresses, other characters will be revealed by collecting coins while you are playing.If you are a huge fan of Temple of Boom and fascinated by action games. Have fun!