Trap The Cat

In Trap The Cat, there is a board with circles and a cat inside. Your task is to capture a cat and not let it out to win. Quickness should be your strength in the game. You need to constantly change your strategy and tips, as the cat is extremely difficult to catch.

How To Play

Trap The Cat gameplay is so simple. Creating a cage, which is a surrounding circle to trap a cat in, is the first step of the game. To stop the cat from escaping, use your computer’s mouse to create barriers along the way. It is advisable for you to stand far away from the cat. If you get too close to it, it can easily pass you by.

For each attempt, the colors of the circles change to show the cat’s capture range. A small tip for you is that you should cover the last spots in the direction the cat is going. Your only way to win the game is to not let the cat escape, or you will lose.

Trap The Cat Game Features

  • Unique and excellent puzzle-solving experience.
  • Fantastic visuals.
  • The Kitten can be easily captured with the use of the provided controls.
  • Cat games as mental acuity training.
  • Totally no cost to participate.
  • Trap games with cats that go on forever.

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