Worms Zone a Slithery Snake

Welcome to Worms Zone a Slithery Snake - An amazing video game arcade experience, in which you compete to become the ultimate arena champion!

Do you enjoy playing games that have a lot of enjoyment that is pure and a lot of action that is dynamic? To become the biggest worm there ever was, you'll need to battle adversaries, collect tasty delicacies and a variety of power-ups, and so on. 

Keep an eye out for other players and try your best not to collide with them; if you do, you'll have to restart the game from the beginning. However, if you are able to sneak up on them and encircle them, you will receive additional points in addition to all of the food that they receive. The pinnacle of amusement!

How To Play

  • Gather the food that will contribute to the expansion of your worm's body. 
  • The more powerups you collect, the more abilities your worm will have. 
  • If you get caught by a larger worm, the game is finished.