Atari Centipede

The iconic fixed-shooter arcade game Atari Centipede is available online. Use your Bug Blaster to fend against centipedes, spiders, scorpions, and fleas!

Atari Centipede game was one of the most widely played games during the period known as the Golden Age of arcade gaming in 1981 when it was first released on 8-bit arcade machines.  One of the games in the Atari collection, the iconic game is back in this exhilarating online edition. It includes several of the most well-known games ever produced by the illustrious gaming industry. 


How To Play

Let's find out how to play Atari Centipede! Your objective is to endure as long as you can while being attacked by it and its dreadful companions. Utilize the Bug Blaster to fire darts at a centipede and its fellow creepy crawlies. 


  • Use THE MOUSE to move.
  • Use LEFT CLICK to shoot a dart.


  • Use THE ARROWS or W, A, S, and D to move.
  • Use THE SPACEBAR to shoot a dart.

In this thrilling free online game, you must survive as long as you can while dodging all the incoming attacks and shooting at your foes to achieve the best score ever. 

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