Brick Out

Brick Out is a popular arcade game that has you shooting balls and smashing blocks to advance. 

Play a fun and tough free brick-breaking game that is unique and fast-paced. To win gems and unlock new ball kinds, break as many bricks as you can simultaneously like in Atari Breakout! In order to complete puzzles with a variety of layouts, shoot balls and destroy blocks! Use your brainpower to determine the exact angles of the balls and the routes of their rebounds! Use various tactics to defeat each level and destroy all the bricks!


  • Aim, shoot, and destroy bricks!
  • To overcome the level's bricks, use power boosters!
  • Play a ton of interesting, challenging brick-breaking games!
  • Visuals in the classic arcade style!

How To Play

To put the ball into play, click the left mouse button. To keep the ball in play, move the paddle back and forth with your mouse. You can complete the level by destroying all of the bricks.