Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout follows the race of a male character, Steve, with his three opponents to the finish line. The game could be challenging as you can only jump to the finish line and always be alert to enemy attacks. 

How To Play

The game includes two player modes, in which players can choose to play alone or with friends. At the beginning, there are three available characters for you to choose from. Other new ones will be opened as the game progresses. If you enter one-player mode, hold the W and E buttons to turn left and right, and let go of the buttons to jump. Also, tap R to power up. In two-player mode, press the W and I keys to jump to the left, E and O to jump to the right, and R and P to power up.

At each level, there will be an objective that you must follow to win the round. There are a variety of obstacles players have to face, so try to collect any items you come across along the way. They could be helpful at some points. Don’t let your opponents jump on you or attack you, or you’ll lose.

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