Retro Ping Pong

Retro Ping Pong is an extremely difficult skill game that is waiting for you. It appears that in the two-player game mode, determining the winner doesn't take you too long. 

The objective of the entertaining online skill game Retro Ping Pong for one or two players is to move the sidebar in order to bounce the ball as if it were a ping pong match. The ping pong ball, which moves throughout the game, can move into side frames and its method of accelerating can confound you. To play a game of online retro table tennis against a computer or a buddy, select the game mode.


  • Action mode: Try the action mode for fresh takes on the traditional game of ping pong. The game will change due to a special rule that only applies to that round! While most of them are fairly self-explanatory, several of the extra modes offer fresh strategies for winning.
  • Classic mode: You can choose to play in the original mode, which offers a more dynamic experience by including gravity, balls, and blaster power-ups. 

How To Play

If you want to play in a two-player configuration rather than just against the computer, you can do so by using the W and S keys for one player and Up and Down for the other. Win by scoring 7 points! For brand-new takes on the classic game, try the action mode.  

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